Family and Relationship Law and Intervention Orders

Binding Financial Agreements

Parties to a relationship can enter into a Binding Financial Agreement either prior to the commencement of a marriage or living together, during a marriage or living together or after the breakdown of a relationship. These agreements are sometimes referred to as prenuptial agreements or “pre nups”.

The law requires each party to a Binding Financial Agreement to have received written independent legal advice before signing the agreement.  Agar Legal’s Family Law team has the skills and experience to prepare or review any proposed Binding Financial Agreement to make sure you are agreeing to all that you are entitled to.  Importantly, we will also clearly set out a list of the advantages and disadvantages relevant to you in signing the proposed agreement.

Intervention Orders

Whether you are the Applicant, Affected Family Member or the Respondent in an Intervention Order proceeding, it is important that you seek early legal advice about it.

Our team has extensive experience both with Court appearances in intervention order matters as well as working with clients who have both family law and intervention order proceedings before the Courts at the same time. 

Agar Legal also has experience in representing Affected Family Members in situations where Victoria Police have made the Application for an Intervention Order and the Affected Family Members in required to file Court documents.

Parenting Matters

Often the hardest aspect of a relationship breakdown is working out who the children will live with as well as who the children will spend time with and when.  

Agar Legal can help you navigate this difficult time with the aim of coming to a resolution that works best and is safest for your children.

Agar Legal is also able to deal with more complex parenting issues such as:

Property Matters

When a couple separate, the Court requires them to finalise their financial relationship. Agar Legal can assist you to achieve the financial certainty you need to get back on your feet. All members of our family law team strive to finalise property issues in a cost-effective manner to ensure you will have the financial resources you need to move forward with your life.

Agar Legal can provide advice in relation to all aspects of a family law property settlement including:


We appreciate that the time leading up to and following separation can be one of the most challenging times in your life.  

At Agar Legal our family law team has the experience and understanding to deal with a variety of family law and related issues, including divorce for married couples as well as de-facto relationships.


Children's Court

In some cases, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) becomes involved or may even issue proceedings in the Children’s Court in relation to a child.  

Agar Legal has extensive experience in appearing in the Children’s Court on behalf of parents and parties to a proceeding as well as drafting and filing the necessary paperwork.