business and property law

Residential Property Law

Agar Legal’s team of property lawyers will provide practical and concise legal services throughout the process of buying, selling or transferring residential property within Victoria.  Conveyancers are legally required to consult a lawyer if a property transaction becomes complicated.  Our legal fees for conveyancing are competitive and provide you with the benefit of having a lawyer manage your conveyance from the beginning at no extra cost. 

Our lawyers will also identify any further advice you may need associated with the conveyance of a property such as tax obligations, stamp duty implications, trusts and self-managed superfunds so you can be assured you are getting complete advice that is right for your circumstances.

Agar Legal operates with a fully audited trust account for the protection of your money.

Business Law

There can be a lot to think about when buying or selling a business, whether it be the purchase price, leases, franchises or counsel permits.

Whether you are taking the first step in an exciting new venture or you are selling your business, Agar Legal’s team of advisors operate with years of business knowledge and experience to look after your best interests. We offer legal services in the following areas of business law: