Edwin Clark

Meet Edwin Clark

Special Counsel

Edwin is an experienced lawyer who practices in commercial law including mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation, arbitration and mediation and many other fields where a strong commercial and legal background is essential to skilfully prosecute a client’s interest. Examples include complex matters such as

  • Family Law financial disputes;
  • Estate matters;
  • Partnership, trust and family company disputes, and
  • Insolvency.

Edwin holds an Arts degree and an Honours degree in Law from the Australian National University and at various times, in addition to being a practising lawyer, has been a registered tax agent, graded arbitrator and accredited family law mediator.

Edwin has been appointed to the Boards of numerous organizations to promote and protect their interests. Examples include:

  • Community organisations and newspapers;
  • Local Credit Union;
  • Government Statutory Authorities;
  • Private companies, and
  • The Australian director for overseas private and public companies.

Edwin is a keen skier, (currently recovering from a broken collar bone, self-inflicted while skiing in a white out at Big White). He has provided advice at one time to many of the participants in the ski industry in Victoria. The legal structures over 1600 metres in Victora differ from those below. You must know what you are doing to act here. He does.

Edwin is also a keen golfer and is the recipient of some uncharitable advice that he should cease skiing and concentrate on golf.