New Guidelines: Responsible use of AI in litigation in Victoria

The Supreme Court of Victoria has published its guidelines for the responsible use of artificial intelligence in litigation. The guidelines have been developed to assist both self-represented litigants and legal practitioners conducting litigation in the Supreme Court. When using AI, parties and practitioners should be aware that the privacy and confidentiality of information and data […]

What happens to your embryos if you separate?

While the Family Law Act does not specifically deal with embryos and other genetic material, current case law in Australia suggests that the legal system considers embryos are property. This means that the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (“the court”) can make orders about what can happen with them when parties separate. Leena […]

Burke Britton Financial Partners and Agar Legal Podcast

Our founder and Director, Georgia Agar recently spoke with Delta Smith and Jay Burke at Burke Britton Financial Planners on their Fine Answer’s podcast. Georgia discussed her upbringing, her love of snow skiing and all things that lead her to open Agar Legal. The podcast is available through Spotify and Apple Podcasts. ———————————————– Fine Answers […]

Welcome to 2023

Welcome to 2023. No doubt you’re busy getting your children ready to start the new school year; buying new lunchboxes, dealing with the dreaded stationary order, battling with the book contact, disposing of mouldy fruit that has been at the bottom of school bags since 20 December 2022 and naming anything that crosses your path. […]

What can you do to protect your personal information and identity?

What can you do to protect your personal information? Following the OPTUS and Medibank Private data breaches, fishing emails, text messages and telephone scams will be on the rise. Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself: If you receive an email or text message asking you to update your personal or […]

My ex put a caveat on my house, what does that mean?

When separating from your spouse or de facto partner you should always consider protecting any interest that you may have in real or personal property. In the family law space, caveats are most often used to protect a spouse’s interest in a property of the relationship pending the resolution of their family law dispute. A […]

Who keeps the dog after separation?

As more Australian couples choose not to have children, custody of the relationship dog, or “fur baby” has become one of the new battlegrounds for separating couples. One couple recently took this issue before the Court asking for live with and spend time orders in relation to the family dog. In Davenport v Davenport the […]

FAQ’s – Divorce and Separation

Can I get a quick divorce? No. You and your spouse have to have been separated for at least 12 months before you can apply to the Court for a Divorce Order. If you and your spouse have reconciled for three months or more during that 12-month period, then the 12 months starts again. From […]